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Emma with her book as part of a financial donation we gave to The Ottawa Mission. Golf/Live music fundraiser.

Batman, a lifelong friend Terry, and Timothy at Chapter's Belleville. Signing Event for his new book.

With Mike Taylor at a live music fundraiser he organized at The

Belleville Club for Grace Inn Shelter.

Mary & I at same fundraiser for Grace Inn. Date night!

Mary's performance with Open Voices Choir. The girls and I had a great time.

Timothy speaking at the 3i Leadership Conference in Ottawa.

In the studio with Ryan Lewis at Elevation Music Studio, Kingston.

Cast and crew at the filming of Timothy's debut song & music video One Day

Coffee with Spark Joy at Starbuck's.

My new friend Flavia!

Vice Principal Tara,

Building Resilience Event

My friend & colleague Amanda

More pictures from Summer Blastoff, a fundraiser for The Ottawa Mission.

Peter Tilley, Executive Director of Mission

Fundraiser Evening Party - Live Music/BBQ

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2018, Timothy David Gauthier  

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